The Boxing Fitness Workout

The Beginning


First you will start your workout with a little stretching. This help get your muscles lose and ready for work.

The Middle

Functional Fitness 

Next we will begin with a combination of Cross Fit and HIIT training rolled into one.

The End

Boxing Training    

End your workout with 20 minutes of boxing training. Where you hit, but don't get hit to complete your full body workout


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Youth Program

Bullying has been on the rise and the bad thing is most children won't tell their parents when they become victims. The best anti-bullying remedy is self-defense.  Here at Battle Tested Fitness our program builds.

  • Self-esteem
  • Discipline
  • Self-Defense
  • And Respect

Your child deserves the opportunity to get the tools they need to combat bullying and develop high self-esteem.

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